Monday, January 11, 2010

The History of Numbers (12 January 2010)

The use of numbers has started since the ancient time till now.

In your groups,

1) List out some of the Ancient Civilizations that have once existed in our world.

2) Decide on one Civilization that your group has listed out and carry out a research on the number system that was associated with this civilization.

3) Using a 5-slides Keynote presentation, develop a presentation that describe the development history of this set of number system, describe the number system and depicts digit from 0 to 9, the number 10, 100 & 1000.

4) Hence, develop a simple worksheet using Pages, which required your friends to convert numbers from your choice of number system to our present Hindu - Arabic number system. You should have 4 questions that involved a 2-digits number, 4 questions that involved a 3-digits number and 2 questions that involved a 4-digits number.

5) Please submit your presentation slide and worksheet by 20 January 2010.

6) Please acknowledge all information that the team has taken from the Internet. The method of acknowledgement is (a) The Title of the website. (b) The URL. (c) The Date and Time where the information was view.

The Need of Numbers (12 January 2010)

As an individual, consider

1) Why is there a need of having numbers?

2) When did the first use of numbers, based on your imagination, occur?

Post your response under the Comment section.

Review Assignment on 12 January 2010

Dear 103,

Please note that I will be conducting a review assignment in class on 12 January 2010.

The topics involve are those you have come across during your PSLE.

The review assignment will last for 30 minutes and please note that no calculators will be allowed for this assignment.

Your Expectation (11 January 2010)

Dear Class 103,

Welcome to a brand new year.

Before we start our lesson, I will like you to think of the following questions as an individual.

1) What are your success / joys you have experienced in the learning of Mathematics in your primary school?

2) What are your fear / difficulties you experienced in learning Mathematics?

3) What are your expectation of me as a Mathematics Teacher?

Please submit your responses through the Comments section.

Welcome to the Maths Blog

Dear Class 103,

Welcome to the Maths Blog for the class. Please become a follower of this blog as we will be using this blog for our discussion beyond curriculum. I have the following rules that I hope everyone in the class can observed.

1. Everyone must participate in the discussion.

2. No one shall put down another person on the blog.

3. Be respectful and responsible in your choice of words.