Monday, January 11, 2010

Your Expectation (11 January 2010)

Dear Class 103,

Welcome to a brand new year.

Before we start our lesson, I will like you to think of the following questions as an individual.

1) What are your success / joys you have experienced in the learning of Mathematics in your primary school?

2) What are your fear / difficulties you experienced in learning Mathematics?

3) What are your expectation of me as a Mathematics Teacher?

Please submit your responses through the Comments section.


  1. 1) What are your success / joys you have experienced in the learning of Mathematics in your primary school?

    The success that I have experienced in learning mathematics is that I was being able to catch up with what was being taught to me.

    2) What are your fear / difficulties you experienced in learning Mathematics?

    The fear that I experienced in learning Mathematics was that I was scared that I would do badly in my exams.

    3) What are your expectations of me as a Mathematics Teacher?

    What I expect from you as a Mathematics teacher is that you will be able to teach us in a progressive way, which we will not find difficulties to understand your lessons.

  2. my successes in primary school were scoring high marks in maths, but my fear was that my other friends would always one-up me, making me fearful if i could not stay in the class or go to the one i wanted to. i would expect a maths teacher to be knowledgeable about the subject and believe in learning by doing.

  3. 1) My success of maths is when i scored 100 for my maths exam during primary school and taken part in maths competitions and win some prizes for my school.

    2) I fear that I will not do well for my maths exams or competitions and let my parents down if i have bad results.

    3)I expect my maths teacher to not always be serious 100% of the time and maybe joke sometimes during some lessons, my maths teacher should also be willing to help us if we need any help with some maths problem sums or is willing to explain a concept again if anyone of us is not able to grasp the concept.

  4. I like learning Maths in primary school as I got very good marks. I experienced some difficulties while learning Mathematics as some questions were really tough. I do not mind which teacher will teach me which subjects so long as the teacher is a responsible teacher.

  5. My success I have experienced in the learning of maths is the thrill of learning new formulas to do workings easier. My fear/difficulties I experienced i learning mathematics is that I tend to panic when doing tough mathematics problems and I blank out. My expectations are that you will be better than the mathematics teachers in my school, and you will teach us more formulas to help us on our learning journey.

  6. In primary school, i found solving maths problems fun & enjoyable.Thus i usualy got good results for my maths exams and i also got an A* for my PSLE.

    I did not experiance much frear of difficulties when learning maths except for the ocational nervousness before exams.

    I hope that you are a kind and understanding teacher that we can approach if we face any difficulties when learning/understanding maths.

  7. My success from the experiences in learning maths during my primary school is the fun from learning maths and the feeling of success when you have solved a difficult maths question.The difficulties i have i experienced are that sometimes i cannot do a problem sum and i spent lots of time thinking how to solve it and it is very fustrating.I expect Mr Ng to be able to answer most of the questions we ask him and explain it to us so that we can all understand.

  8. 1) i experienced joy learning maths when i am able to solve a hard question which i could not solve before and get better at solving them.

    2) i experienced difficulties learning maths when think through alot about a question but am still unable to solve it and i get frustrated.

    3) my expectations are for mr ng to be able to motivate us into learning maths and help us with our difficulties in maths.

  9. 1) What are your success / joys you have experienced in the learning of Mathematics in your primary school?

    I think my greatest achievement in my primary school is that i got a A* for my math in PSLE but i had never gotten a A* in normal math tests.

    2) What are your fear / difficulties you experienced in learning Mathematics?

    My greatest fear is forgetting methods to solve problem sums and then not being able to solve it
    3) What are your expectation of me as a Mathematics Teacher?

    I expect a teacher who is patient in explaining to those who do not understand how to solve certain math problems.

  10. 1) The success and joys i have experienced were i had topped in my class before. I also scored A's and A's stars in my mathematics results before. But the most important success and joys was that i was able to solve most of the challenging problem sums given to me with patience and encouragement by my peers and teachers.
    2) I was scared that i would not be able to solve more maths problem sums as time goes on. I also may have difficulties in accomplishing the math homework on time.
    3) My expectations are that you will give us more enrichments worksheet for us to be more better in speed in solving mathematics and also hands-on mathematics so that the class will be more fun and enjoyable. I also hope that you will elaborate more on a certain subject so that we can understand more.

  11. 1) What are your success / joys you have experienced in the learning of Mathematics in your primary school?
    Ans:I think my greatest success is when I had achieved an A for maths for the PSLE , as I was pretty bad at maths.

    2) What are your fear / difficulties you experienced in learning Mathematics?
    Ans: I think it is when I have problems with math questions, and tend to try to avoid it so it tends to become another bigger problem.

    3) What are your expectation of me as a Mathematics Teacher?
    Ans: I think a good math teacher should be cheerful and not just a person continuously droning on about the math subject and stuff like that.

  12. (1) My joys and successes i have experienced in Maths are doing well for a Maths test or exam.
    (2) My fears and difficulties i have experienced in Maths are not being able to finish the exam or test in time or getting stuck at a Maths problem.
    (3) My expectations of a Maths teacher are :
    -able to explain the questions and answers clearly
    -able to encourage us when we feel unsuccessful

  13. 1) I like maths in my primary school and I usually got good results in my maths tests.
    2)I had some difficulties in understanding the solutions of difficult problems.
    3)My expectations of Mr Ng to be a kind and helpful maths teacher who explains all the problems clearly.

  14. I experienced joy when I did well in my PSLE.

    I experienced fear in Math when I could not understand a certain topic .

    I hope that you would make your expectations of the task clear to us so that we would have a clear goal for the task.

    I hope that you could make the lessons fun and interesting.

    I hope that you would be patient with the class in teaching so that we could clarify the subjects.

    I hope that you would give us reasonable chances when we do not complete or hand in the assignment on time.

  15. In primary school,my success in learning mathematics is always when I scored well for my tests.My fear in mathematics is when I am not sure about the answer and get stuck in it.I expect you to have quite a lot of 'applied learning'.

  16. In my Primary school, the topics were easier than those in Secondary School. I was also with friends and teachers that i was familiar with and could go too for help. Now that I'm in a new school, I have to make new friends and get used to the teachers teaching methods. I do not have many expectations of Mr Ng. As long as he helps us when we need help, that would be enough.


  17. 1) i have understood certain methods only in p5 and p6 so when i finally do understand them, i feel good. At other times, it is when i able to solve or understand a problem before anyone, (though it rarely happens as i am very weak in maths) ifeel good

    2) I have a fear of pretty much the topic of maths itself as i am so weak. i basically am not able to view problems from different perspectives. Thats why i find maths such a tough subject. i actually surprised myself when i got A for maths as usually i get around 65-70 for maths.

    3) I expect my maths teacher not to get annoyed at me like my p3 maths teacher when i do not understand a problem. My p4-p6 maths teacher was able to explain problems in such a way that i can understand but that is probably because he did not change throughout. I hope Mr. Ng will not change from sec1 to sec4 as he will then know all our weaknesses. This will make it easier for both of us.

  18. When i was in primary school, we had to solve some challenging math problems. At first it was difficult as i did not understand some of the questions and hence did not know the solutions to solving these problems, but after a while, when i found the solutions the these problems, i felt proud and happy that i was able to solve the problems that once puzzled me. As my math teacher, i expect you to be able to help us solve even the most challenging problems that we face and explain the solutions to us patiently.

  19. When i was learning Mathematics in school the teacher let us do hands on activities to help us learn maths i had success in solving problem sums.

    I feared doing hard problem sums and i faced a lot of difficulties solving the problem sums and i spent hours pondering over them.

    I expect the teacher to let the students learn in a not so boring way and teach the students well.

  20. In my primary school life, my mathematics has always been my strongest subject which always pulls up my total score. I usually score Band 1 (from pri 1 - 4) and A* (from pri 5-6), so my parents and i have been always happy with my own results. I also participated in many various competitions and won some...During the period of time when I was studying, the difficulties I faced are really tough question in the exams, but I am quite 'lucky' enough to be able to solve the questions after I had completed all the questions and cam back to the tough ones, but in the PSLE 2009, i was not that "lucky", those really tough question, to me, cannot be SOLVED so I start to panic and in the end, left many blanks with minimum working only. That traumatized me a little and of course in the end i didn't get an A*, but only an A... After all its over, so I should not be depressed or discouraged and start afresh to try my BEST... My expectation of you, our precious Math teacher, Mr Ng, is that to guide us to success and great performance in the 'O' Levels but of course firstly, I must put in my very best to study hard and cannot totally depend on the teacher. I also hope you could be clear in explaining to us the assignments for the day, make lessons interesting, being patient when explaining concepts and also give us chances when we never complete homework (with a very valid reason).

    -Wei Chern

  21. 1. My school had organised a carnival where we get to have fun and learn Maths as well.
    2. Challenging sums. They are hard to solve, but once you get the hang of it, you'll actually find it fun.
    3. Hopefully, it won't be a so boring teacher, like any other Maths teacher, but one that stands out.