Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Welcome Back for a New Semester

Dear students,

Welcome back to school after your June Holidays.

Let us start the new semester with this task.

Under the comment section, post up

1) 1 interesting thing you have done / see during the June Holidays.

2) 1 interesting knowledge that you have learn during the June Holidays.

3) The expectation that you are going to set for yourself in the learning of Mathematics.


  1. 1) I have seen what a studio apartment looks like.

    2) I have learned more about entrepreneurship and the different aspects that an entrepreneur has.

    3) I want to achieve an A1 in maths or the least an A2.

  2. 1) 1 interesting thing I have done is going on a school trip to Shunde.
    2) 1 interesting knowledge I have learned is that the China students in Shunde think that Singapore students who are Chinese do not study Mandarin.
    3) The expectation I am going to set for myself is to be less careless when doing Math and check the paper many times.

  3. Q1: The most interesting thing I have done is getting my mouth purified in Japan.
    Q2: I have learnt how to calculate from Yen to Sing Dollars.
    Q3: I need to get an A1 and top of class

  4. I have attempted to reach the bottom of the sea by digging up all the sand in a specific spot on the shore of a beach ... But I epicly failed.

    I learnt that the monorail station in vivocity has a really dumb and misleading name. It was called "Sentosa Station"

    I want to score at least 75% for the upcomming tests. I want to complete all given assignments on time. I want to revise harded.

  5. 1)I went to bali and saw dolphins.
    2)I learnt how to script a game.
    3)I am going to pay attention in maths class and pass up homework on time.

  6. 1. During the June holidays, me and my family spent time together at East Coast Park.

    2. I learnt new recipes for milkshakes.

    3. I expect myself to get at least an A2 for Mathematics.

  7. 1. Planning for the GYCI by meeting over to the meetings there so I can actually meet up with friends.
    2. Learning about rates.
    3. Getting at least 90% in maths.

  8. 1)i saw the shanghai 2010 world expo, singapore.
    2)i have learnt that singapore expos are very empty
    and have little information to life in singapore or has little relation to the team and the mascots have a lot of different aspects of our singapore mascot.
    3)this term, i hope that this term i can focus more and be able to increase my score in maths so that i do not fail this time, getting 70% or over.

  9. 1)I went to china for a holiday.

    2)DO not ever try to microwave anything with batteries(Remote)

    3)I want to get an A1(75%) in my marks for my overall maths grades.

  10. 1) I had finally seen one of the wonders of the world which is the Great Wall of China in Beijing when SST took me there for a Student Talent Development Programme.

    2) China is the greatest consumer of Coca-Cola.

    3) Progressing from 56% to 76%. Have all homework done on time. Pay attention in class. Be very careful in my Math Exam.

  11. 1) An interesting thing I did during the holidays was going out with my Grandmother to various places to eat different kinds of food.

    2) I have learned how to write a book review during the June holidays.

    3) I expect that I would be more diligent in doing my homework and would complete it faster.

    Lucas Chia

  12. 1) 1 interesting thing you have done / see during the June Holidays.
    - The interesting thing i have done is that I have completed all my homework and i went to Universal Studios at Sentosa.

    2) 1 interesting knowledge that you have learn during the June Holidays.
    - One knowledge I had learned is entrepreneurship skills and business tips during the I&E camp at Ngee Ann polytechnic.

    3) The expectation that you are going to set for yourself in the learning of Mathematics.

    -I am going to aim and score higher for my mathematics final year exam. I also going to pay more attention and score at least A1 for my exam.

  13. 1) I went to tioman to snorkel and i saw loads of fishes and corals
    2)DO NOT ever microwave the air-con controller
    3)I will study to get good grades

  14. 1) The one interesting thing I have done during the June holidays is going canoeing in the sea and almost colliding with a fishing boat.
    2) The one interesting knowledge I have learnt during the June holidays is that it takes more than 2 hours to travel from Singapore to a certain jetty which name I forgot.
    3)I want to score an A1 in Math

  15. (1) I went for I&E camp in Ngee Ann Poly! (:
    (2) I learned more about entrepreneurship.
    (3) I expect myself to score at least 85% for all mathematics tests and exams.

    Khim Tan

  16. 1. i went to port dickson in Malaysia and i saw a beach completely infested with crabs

    2. i learnt that countryside hotels do not have very good service compared to city hotels even if they are from the same branch

    3. i expect myself to not procrastinate in my work and work harder to practice my maths, and also try and be more attentive in maths, and this applies to all other subjects

  17. 1) Doing homework in a tour since I was bored.
    2) How does a windmill work inside... (the only answer I can think of)
    3) Getting at least 88% for mathematics

  18. 1) I went to eat with my family at the Bukit Timah Centre.
    2) I learn that homework is not hard after all when i try to complete.
    3) i want to get a better score for my Mathematics and to try to improve on it.