Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Chapter 16 : Data Handling Lesson 2

Hi 103s,

Congratulations on your completion of the first round of data collection.

Thus, I will like the class to reflect on your experience this morning.

Please post your reply under the Comments Section for the following questions.
1) What are some of the difficulties you have encountered during the data collection process?
2) What are some of the improvement you can make to the data collection process?


  1. Some problems i encountered are that the cars were too many to physically count and there were hard to see when you take a photos. I can improve by having a standard table within my team members so we know what to collect.

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  3. The difficulties that i encountered were that the vehicles were moving too fast to count accurately. The pictures that we took were also too small to count the vehicles correctly. There was also some confusion on which lane we were supposed to observe. I can improve by finding a pattern in the number of vehicles and maybe collaborating and cooperating with my other team members better.

    Lucas Chia

  4. The difficulties that I encountered were the shortage of time that was given to us thus we compressed the time by we took from 15 minutes to 5 minutes per record. Another problem was that as we were recording the vehicles that past by, we missed out some of it as the vehicles all are going at such a high speed. To make matter worst, when the vehicles come, they come in great quantity. I can improve by cooperating more with my group members.

  5. The difficulties that I encountered today is that the vehicles on road is too many to be physically counted. When I was counting the number of cars, another kind of vehicle will come by. That is why it is too tough to count. I think I should actually let each of my team member take a specific kind of vehicle, so that we do not need to struggle counting different kinds of vehicles.

  6. Some of the difficulties are that the traffic is suddenly heavy then light, because of the traffic lights. Thus, photographic data is not really accurate. Also, because of this factor, it is very hard to do counting like that.We could take photos twice to get an average number of vehicles.

  7. Q1) What are some of the difficulties you have encountered during the data collection process?
    The difficulties I have encountered is that the type vehicles come in a order like car, lorry, car, lorry and suddenly the order change. The other difficulty was that there were so many vehicles that it was difficult to count them.

    Q2) What are some of the improvement you can make to the data collection process?
    There should be more group members in one location so each member concentrates on one or two type of vehicle and they will put down their observations later.

  8. 1 using the photography method is very hard as the information is unreliable.
    example: 11:44:50-55 am: 52 cars
    55-59 43 cars
    11:45 am: 22 cars
    2 we can use the observation method.

  9. The difficulties I encountered was that reviewing the videos we took were painstaking as it was quite confusing which cars we had counted and which we had not. The phone screen was also quite small making our job even harder.
    I should have counted the cars from only the 1st row so as not to confuse myself.

  10. Some difficulties that I had encountered today were that the vehicles were moving to fast to physically count them especially when the vehicles come in great quantity, all at a time thus we might have missed out some of the number of vehicles. Another thing was that, when we split up the group to go to 2 different respective places, we did not plan before setting off to the respective places thus when we came back to class, we end up with different ways of collecting the data (number of vehicles to check the traffic). Ours (Me and Niloy) were calculating with an interval of 5 mins while theirs (Justin and Wei Jun) were continuously calculating throughout from 11.45 am to 12.05 and we had different types of vehicles that we were counting. I think an improvement that has to be made would be that all of us in the group plan together a standard and similar data collection template.

  11. 1)What are some of the difficulties you have encountered during the data collection process?

    Some difficulties i encountered is the lack of time. We have to record our data in every interval of 5 minutes which i think will not make so much difference because the time was so near to each other. I also have some confusions as in what lane i must took because altogether there are 6 different lanes. I also couldn’t get the calculations of the number of vehicles right as the vehicles all travel at a high speed and thus i missed out some of the number of cars. Some of them also keep changing lanes so i did not know whether i should count that vehicle. But, when the vehicles saw that we are taking pictures, they slow down as they thought we were traffic police in disguise. The photograph data may not be accurate too.
    2)What are some of the improvement you can make to the data collection process?

    We can make all of my team members stand at the top of overhead bridge and each counts one type of vehicles. I can also further cooperate with my team members and get it done with fast.

  12. 1) There were many vehicles and it was confusing to count them. Also, when I was taking down notes, i missed out some vehicles.

    2) We should have let every team member count a particular vehicle.

  13. Q1)Some difficulties i encountered we needed to count the vehicles,but they were moving too fast and they came in big numbers.So it was not possible for us to count them from the overhead bridge.If we took pictures or videos,the results would also be inaccurate.
    Q2)We should use a better table so we could understand what information we should be gathering,or we would get information that was not needed,wasting our time and effort.We could also use more time.

  14. Our group was at both overhead bridges and our data is not accurate as we did not have proper timing because our time keeping devices i.e (handphone/ watch) were not in sync. Thus, we ended up with inaccurate data. We could have communicated with our handphone and called to say when to take the photo. The problem can be solved if use some device like walkie talkies or sync our watches to our Macs


  15. It was difficult for us to collect accurate data as it was very difficult to count the vehicles as they speed past.
    I think maybe if each of us were in-charge of counting for a specific vehicle, it would be easier for us to count and the data would be more accurate.

  16. The vehicles were too fast and there was a lot of vehicles to count. I think it would be better if there were more people recording or taking pictures for specific vehicles.

  17. Firstly, if we were to count ALL of the cars that passed by us, then we would need to continuously count without stopping and record in a messy manner (as what happened when Justin and I tried to count all of the cars without stopping.), which may cause confusion.
    I believe that if we were able to take small little breaks in between the time we count the cars, then counting would be alot easier.

  18. Q1)There were too many cars that I could not count properly.
    Q2)We should just count a specific vehicle

  19. 1) We were not able to record all the cars passing by and there were to many cars at some times for us to count.
    2)In each group a person should take one lane and be more organized.

  20. -there were too many cars to count
    -each person could have counted one type of vehicle