Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Summary of Math Lesson (24/08/10)

1. With the given values in the questions (values of m, x, y and c), we can substitute to find out the part of the equation that we do not know.
2. Substitution is NOT the y intercept. The values of x and y given is a coordinate that lies on the line.
3. x/a + y/b=1. a is the y intercept, while b is the y intercept. Why?
when a=x intercept, y=0.
=x/a + 0/b=1
4. Parabola consists of 2 root/x-intercepts.
5. If 2 lines share the same x intercept as the parabola, with substitution of the equation, it causes one of the equation of the parabola to be 0, thus y=0 regardless of the 2nd equation
6. We only did one type of parabola today: We can only tell the min value and not the max.
7. Why is x/a + 0/b always 1? (Point 3)
8. Is it possible for the parabola to have not two equations, but one?

Yan Jin

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